When it originally launched in , Nostromo did not carry much cargo. However, it is now being re-purposed as a research vessel. You can visit the onboard laboratory to explore the new technology being developed here. Some of it may be rolled out to the rest of the Cyberfinity fleet in due course.


Several of the cyberspace vessels in the Cyberfinity fleet carry the names of notable science fiction spaceships. Nostromo is no exception - it is named after the spaceship in the original Alien movie. (It is not named after the novel "Nostromo" by Joseph Conrad that the spaceship in Alien is named after).

Engine Room

Nostromo uses a deep-cyberspace-class Linux propulsion system with an Apache warp drive. A Python & Django control system is used for navigation and ensures that Nostromo always stays on course.


The hull is crafted using SASS and HTML5 and tempered with RDFa. It uses an intricate, shape-shifting design to allow Nostromo to enter all parts of cyberspace with ease.